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Conference: "The Actuality of German Idealism"

24.05.2012 - 27.05.2012

The project of German Idealism, in its historical as well as in its systematical character, marks an overcoming of disciplinary boundaries. Not only does it represent a certain challenging of the traditional philosophical inventory of knowledge; in its discussions of the anthropological, ethical, political, religious and aesthetical it also combines questions of the most different range. Today, it is in particular in current discourses on aesthetics, that the implicit as well as the explicit reference to German Idealism is remarkable. The governing question of the conference focuses on this recurrence, the Actuality of German Idealism especially in aesthetics : How to diagnose the consequences of the resurgences of German Idealism within theories of the aesthetical? Does the recurrence of German Idealism put the contours of particular disciplines as well as their common foundations into question again?   more »

Zeit & Ort

24.05.2012 - 27.05.2012

Freie Universität Berlin, Seminarzentrum, Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26, 14195 Berlin