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Current projects

Gender Mismatches

The relations between grammatical gender and ‘natural’ gender are not straight forward. In this project we take the linguistic perspective on those two notions: how they relate to each other, how they interact, and what potential alignments and mismatches between the two exist, and how the relationships between grammatical and ‘natural’ gender play out in language variation and linguistic typology.

Romania Amerindia

The project was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) from 2015 to 2021 (DFG project number: 274614727). In the first phase of the project (2015-2017), the prosody of the Quechua of Conchucos in the Ancash province of Peru was empirically recorded and theoretically illuminated. In the second phase of the project (2018-2021), it was extended to Spanish & Guaraní in Asunción/Paraguay and Nheengatú & Portuguese in São Gabriel da Cachoeira/Brazil. We are currently preparing a new application to be able to research the complex multilingualism in this (Brazilian) region more intensively.