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Basque Language Program | Euskera

Instituto Etxepare

Instituto Etxepare
Image Credit: Instituto Etxepare

Every semester, the FU Berlin offers Basque language courses and events on Basque culture in cooperation with the Basque cultural institute Instituto Etxepare.

Lecturer for Basque: Unai Casas Antia, M.A.
Room JK 30/148, phone 838 908036

The Basque language

The Basque language is a European minority language with about 800,000 speakers in northern Spain and southern France, and a not easily identifiable number of speakers in the diaspora (especially in the USA, Paris and several Latin American cities). The origin of the Basque language is still unclear. However, it is likely that the language was spoken in Western Europe before the Indo-European settlement. This makes Basque the only pre-Indo-European language in Western Europe that is still alive today.

Basque Language and Culture at the FU Berlin

The Basque Language Program was established in November 2004 at Freie Universität Berlin with the financial support of the Basque Government, the Department of Philosophy and Humanities of Freie Universität Berlin, and the Institute of Romance Philology of Freie Universität Berlin. Since then, Basque language courses and seminars in Basque linguistics, culture, history, and regional studies have been held at the FU Berlin every semester.
All courses are supported by the Instituto Etxepare. Participation is free of charge and participants are welcome at any time. In all courses, students can earn credits for various study programs at the Institute of Romance Philology and the Interdisciplinary Center for European Languages (Master's Degree in Linguistics and Bachelor's Degree in Language and Society).

Basque courses in the winter semester of 2021/22

Alle courses will be held on site if possible. Further information will follow shortly.

17141 | language practice

  • Basque for beginners (no previous knowledge required) (N.N)
  • time: Tue 10-12 / JK 31/227 & Wed 12-14 / JK 31/124 (first session: 10/19/2021)

17142 | language practice

  • Basque for advanced learners (previous knowledge required) (N.N)
  • time & place: Wed 10-12 / KL 229/237 (first session: 20/10/2020)

17140 | seminar

  • Introducción a la cultura vasca (N.N.)
  • time & place: Thu 16-18 / KL 29/204 (first session: 10/21/2021)