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Berlin University Alliance approves the Research Project "Transforming Solidarities"

News from Oct 13, 2020

Together with the consortium "Transforming Solidarities. Practices and Infrastructures in the Migration Society", we are pleased to announce that the Berlin University Alliance has agreed to support the project in the context of the main call "Exploration Project Social Cohesion"!

Our interdisciplinary consortium sees Berlin as a "laboratory" of the migration society and solidarity as an answer to the challenge of social cohesion. In the fields of work, housing and health, it examines the conditions under which solidarity is made possible, as well as its practices and infrastructures. Ultimately, it is in these fields that society negotiates whether and how solidary we are. In addition, our consortium sees the crisis of social cohesion as well as the need to rethink solidarity here.

We speak of solidarity in the migration society because we do not see migration and other forms of diversity as a threat to social cohesion, but rather as a social reality and thus as a prerequisite for the possibility of new forms of solidarity. Work, housing, health are - as conflicts over home office, housing and the Corona app once again impressively demonstrate - central areas of the often diagnosed crisis of social reproduction. In order to meet these challenges in a theoretically and empirically well-founded way and in dialogue with diverse public spheres, our consortium will establish an internationally perceived research focus on the future of solidarity in the migration society in Berlin.

The consortium currently consists of 16 members of the Berlin universities (TU/FU/HU/Charité) - Robin Celikates and Stefan Gosepath from the Institute of Philosophy are involved.

For further information please visit the project's homepage:


and https://www.berlin-university-alliance.de/news/items/2020/20200928-social-cohesion-projects.html

or contact

Robin Celikates@ robin.celikates@fu-berlin.de

or Manuela Bojadžijev@ manuela.bojadzijev@hu-berlin.de

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