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Impact study for the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin

The Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin was opened on Schlossplatz in Berlin-Mitte in 2008. Expectations were high – as a Best Practice of civic engagement the Temporäre Kunsthalle was designed to influence the surrounding urban space and public discourse. The goal was to to channel ideas and forces, to display cultural processes and create space for new impulses.

The Center for Audience Development carried out an impact study during the first phase starting with the opening and the first exhibition by Candice Breitz (October to January 2008). The project team conducted a media response analysis in order to evaluate the exhibition’s impact on the public discourse in the media. At the same time, the team carried out a visitor survey directed at questions of targeting efficiency, audience development and audience relationships. The results were used to compile a catalogue of recommended procedures on operative and strategic levels.