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Conference „Audience Development – or The Art of Attracting New Audiences”, Seminar Center at Freie Universität Berlin, February 14. – 16. 2008

In February 2008, ZAD hosted a conference fair at Freie Universität Berlin which was designed to give scientists and practitioners in the arts sector an opportunity to exchange views on Audience Development.

The term “Audience Development” derives from the Anglo-American cultural and scientific practice. It is „an umbrella term to encompass all aspects of promotion, publicity, marketing, public relations, communications and educational programs“.

“Audience Development” as a field of research and practical activity requires the successful fusion of demand-oriented cultural management and its organisational requirements with cultural market and visitor research as well as viable long-term strategies of cultural mediation, relationship marketing, and aesthetic education.

The fair provided the backdrop for an international, interdisciplinary dialog between theory and practice of Audience Development. Arts institutions were invited to present workshops and multimedia presentations of their recent work in the sector, as well as new Audience development strategies. Two general topics were in the center of attention: examples of best practice in Berlin and on the topic of Audience Development in multicultural societies. The related presentations and discussions were held between international professionals.