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Visitor research in public cultural institutions in Germany

Visitor research has become an important tool for cultural marketing and an integral part of Audience Devlopment in Germany. The report „Visitor research in public cultural institutions in Germany” displays the current state of audience research in German public cultural institutions. Main goals of the study were to investigate the state of audience research concerning the degree of dissemination, the methods applied, significant players, as well as the improvement potential and the importance of audience research in specific cultural institutions.

 ZAD carried out a representative survey on the topic in 2007. The evaluation of the survey results was conducted in cooperation with the Institut für Kultur-Markt-Forschung (Berlin). A total of 1000 cultural institutions was queried using a digital questionnaire. 300 valid responses were obtained and representative results could be achieved. There were some surprising findings – audience research is applied in almost every public cultural institution. Moreover, the subject is given a high priority and will gain even more importance in the future.

60% of all institutions stated that there is still a need for development of audience research in German public cultural institutions. According to the institutions, there are potentials to improve audience research

  • by using an improved methodology
  • by addressing a wider range of target audiences
  • by initiating cooperations with other institutions
  • by an improved internal communication
  • by integrating secondary data
  • and by improving the professional competence of staff members.