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The database of our research project is the internet portal "lyrikline". This was initiated by Literaturwerkstatt Berlin and houses contemporary international poetry as audio files (texts by the authors) and texts (original versions and translations). It offers the melodies, sounds and rhythms of international poetry, read by the original authors. Users can listen to the poet and read the poems both in their original language and in various translations. The digital material contains more than 10,000 poems by over 1200 international poets from almost 80 different countries. We examine the German and English poems, with a total of 392 poets (227 german/165 english) this is about 3840 poems (2465 german/1376 english). We use this corpus to determine rhythmic patterns.

Our results are already registered on this website and can be called up for academic teaching as well as for school lessons:

Each single Pattern is explained and illustrated by a number of examples: