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Julia Fertig



Archive Aesthetics and Pragmatics of Moscow Conceptualism

PhD Candidate

Grunewaldstraße 34
12165 Berlin


Julia Fertig studied Russian Studies, Library and Documentation Science at Humboldt University of Berlin and finished with a thesis entitled "The archive is art. Methods of textual self-reproduction in Moscow Conceptualism", completed in 2006. She subsequently worked as an archivist and librarian at the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen and as a research assistant at the Department of Slavic Literature at the University of Greifswald.



Archive Aesthetics and Pragmatics of Moscow Conceptualism

The PhD project intends to contribute to the archive and memory discourse with reference to the aesthetic practice of Moscow Conceptualism, which deals in many ways with methods of 'self archiving' and/or 'archiving the other' on the terms of social and artistic existence on the margin (in Soviet times) and the transition to the 'official canon' (in the late 90s).

Guiding methodological principle is the 'archival turn' (or Derrida's 'archivology').




"Performing the Archive. Aktuelle Strategien der Performativierung des Archivs in Kunst, Theorie und Archivpraxis", in: Kampkötter, Christian; Kirschbaum, Heinrich (Ed.): Beiträge der 11. Tagung des Jungen Forums Slawistische Literaturwissenschaft (Passau, October 2011).

"Das Totale Archiv. Der Mann der in den Kosmos flog und als Archiv zurückkehrte", in: Anding, Kevin; Meyer, Holt; Schwartz, Matthias (Ed.): Beiträge des Workshops “Gagarin als Archivkörper und Erinnerungsfigur” (Berlin, April 2011).


"Die Macht des Killerarchivs. Archiv und Macht im späten Moskauer Konzeptualismus", in: Gierzinger, Georg; Hölzl, Sylvia, Roner, Christine (Ed.): Spielformen der Macht. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf Macht im Rahmen junger slawistischer Forschung, Innsbruck.



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