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Katrine Drckinck-Holmfeld



Rehearsing Reparative Critical Practices

PhD Candidate

Grunewaldstraße 34
12165 Berlin


 Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (Denmark 1981) is a visual artist working with video installation and performance. She has

directed the video Djisr (The Bridge) Lebanon 2008 and the 3-channel video installation Time: Aalborg/ Space 2033,

Denmark 2010. From 2008-2009 she worked as the assistant director for The Lebanese Association of Plastic Art, Ashkal

Alwan. She is currently undertaking the practice based, artistic research PhD at the University of Copenhagen: Rehearsing

Reparative Critical Practices . To reinsert agency artistically and socially, the reparative critical practice proposes a communal

dense exploration of fragments of cultural memory in response to different “broken” contexts and situations. Exploring the

reparative critical practice through the production of audio-visual installations and performances in collaboration with

different communities and contexts, the project focuses on the relationship between performance and multi-channel video


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Work Experience:

2012: Co-teaching the MA course in Aural Cultures, Sonorous Architecture with Sidsel Nelund, University of


2010: Development project-consultant, Platform 4, Aalborg Denmark www.platform4.dk

2008-2009: Assistant Director, The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut


2009: Teacher in Design Culture, The Lebanese American University LAU, Beirut.

2007-2008: Student supervisor, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.

2005: Secretary, Young Artists and Curators, Denmark (UKK: Unge Kunstnere og Kunstformidlere).

2002–2005: Student assistant, Master in ICT and Learning, Aalborg University.

 Residency: (2012) Townhouse Gallery, Cairo Egypt [September – December 2012]

 Board member 98 Weeks Research Project Space (Beirut) http://98weeks.blogspot.com

 Funding member Network for Artistic Research in Denmark.

Exhibitions and Art Projects:

2015 Leap into Colour [video installation] Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

2014 Affect Image | Touch Image [Video-based presentation] Critics and Coctails, Overgaden, Institut for

Samtidskunst, Copenhagen

2014 Leap Into Colour: Travelogue for a Two-Channel Video Installation, Metro Al Madina, Beirut

2012 Leap Into Colour #1 [photo-exhibition] Studio Viennoise, Cairo.

2012 A Movement Image is Being Written [overhead-performance] Overgaden, Institut for Samtidskunst,


2012 movement [four-channel video installation] Metro Al Madina, Berut: Lebanon.

2010 Time: Aalborg/ Space: 2033 [3-channel video installation 17”, HD] Port 20:10, Aalborg Denmark. Screened

in Nikolaj Kirke (CPH 2011) and Centro del Arte Dos de Mayo (Madrid 2011).

2010 YouTube Tutorial #1: How To Get The Perfect Public Speech FOR FREE! [Youtube Performance] with Honey

Biba Beckerlee. Taler til Folket: Copenhagen.

2010 Dear Teacher… [Research project, bringing together teachers and students from the creative universities of

Beirut] Home Works V: A Forum on Cultural Practices, The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts

Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon.

2010 Video Letters #2 via. Hamra, [Performative text], Astronomical Frontiers, Henningsens Contemporary.

2009 Video Letters #1 via. Hamburg, [Video installation] 98 Weeks Research Project, Subvision Kunst Festival,

2008 DJISR (“The Bridge”) (13’ DVcam), [Video Installation] Exit Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand.

[Screenings] Ne a Beyrouth (Beirut 2008), Cinemateket (Copenhagen 2008), Malmö Festival (Malmö 2008) and

CRG gallery (New York City 2008).

2008 G.C. AWARDS [A Collaborative Performative Project] Gallery Q (Copenhagen).

2008 Keep Up The Good Chi [Exhibition with Nina Wengel] at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen)

2007 Help Me to Become Bridget Jones [PowerPoint Performance] Koh-i-noor Gallery Copenhagen

 2007 Mac the Ripper  – Or, every time I See a PowerBook 12”, it makes me wonna cry.  [PowerPoint Performance] The

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.

2006 Youth Writes Back.  [Exhibition, workshop and public hearing] in collaboration with Inuit Youth

International, Rethinking Nordic Colonialism , NIFCA: Nuuk, Greenland.

2005 Magenta,  [Video Installation] Bordure, Brodure: ALBA - La Seine: Beirut.

2005 Khruschovka , [Video Installation] The Little Mermaid, Urban Planen: Copenhagen.

2004 Free the City  [Collaborative project] Christiania Copenhagen.

2004 Copenhagen Freetown , [Installation] INK - Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen.

2004 Women’s 96 Anniversary , [Curating and designing of collective exhibition and event exhibiting the work of

over 50 women artist in relation to the 96th  anniversary of women’s acceptance into the Royal Academy

of fine Arts in Denmark] Gallery Q, Copenhagen.

2001 La Fresa Regresa , painting exhibition in Polanco, Mexico DF.

2015 Artist talk, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

2015 On snowflakes and other assemblages, Invisibilities Studies, Copenhagen

2015 On snowflakes and other assemblages, Terræn – conference for art history in Denmark

2014 Critics and Cocktails [workshop-leader] Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst

2014 Creative Writing Workshop, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts [organizer]

2013 “Affect Image | Touch Image” paper-presentation at Laura U. Marks Master Class, University of Århus

& Alexander Galloway Master Class, University of Copenhagen.

2013 “On Snowflakes and other assemblages” artists talk at MIL: University of Roskilde. DK

2012 “Leap into Colour” artist talk Townhouse Gallery, Cairo

2012 “Affect Image, Touch Image”, European Summer School in Cultural Studies 2012 – Structures of

Feeling, Copenhagen.

2012 “The Snowflake Model” European Doctoral School in Culture, Criticism and Creativity (Freie

Universitet, Goldsmiths College, University of Copenhagen: Copenhagen.

2011 “Drama of the Eyes: Material for a Turkish Soap Opera” Performance/video based presentation]

European Doctoral School in Culture, Criticism and Creativity (Freie Universitet, Goldsmiths College,

University of Copenhagen: Berlin.

2011 “The Snowflake Model & The Glass Negatives” [Overhead performance & paper presentation] Danish

Network for Cultural Memory Seminar: Copenhagen.

2011 “Time: Aalborg/ Space: 2033” [Screening and artist talk] Never Written Stories: the XVIIII image

symposium , Centro del Arte Dos de Mayo: Madrid.

2011 “Elephant Dialogues: How to make cinema without film”: [workshop holder and symposium organizer

European Doctoral School in Culture, Criticism and Creativity (Freie Universitet, Goldsmiths

College,University of Copenhagen) How to do things with academia : Copenhagen.

2011 “Lost in Temporality: Rehearsing Reparativolutionary Critical FilmPractices” [Paper presentation] Memory

and/ in Practice,  The Danish Network for Cultural Memory Studies (AU & KU)

2011 “On Being Late: Rehearsing Revolutionaryparative Critical Filmpractices” [Paper presentation] Nordic

Society of Aesthetics: Copenhagen.

2011 “Untitled: (Rehearsing Reparative Critical Practices)” Contested Spaces  symposium by Sorbonne, Paris,

University of Copenhagen and Goldsmiths College.

2011 “KUMUA: Material for A Video Performance” [Performance/video based presentation] European

Doctoral School in Culture, Criticism and Creativity (Freie Universitet, Goldsmiths College, University

of Copenhagen: London

2008 A Performance is Being Written . [PowerPoint performance] PSI Performance Studies International

Conference Interregnum  (Copenhagen).

2006 Youth Writes Back.  [Workshop leader and conference presentation] in collaboration with Inuit Youth

International, Rethinking Nordic Colonialism , NIFCA: Nuuk, Greenland.

2005 Lecturer and workshop leader, Summer University, Cultural Territories , Vukovar, Croatia.

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft