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Concepts of Algorithms

BMBF Collaborative Research Project "Embodied Information"

FU Freie Universitaet Berlin (Institue of Philosophy) and KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Media Science Department)

Concepts of Algorithms  - On aspects of algorithmic information theory in a broadened conception of computation

Lothar Michael Putzmann, Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science, KHM Media Art School Cologne

New understandings of being algorithmically are suggested by the intertwinings of various information sciences and technologies. This gives cause to rethink the formal interpretation of the algorithm in terms of recursive equation theory and the paradigm of the Turing Machine, which for decades now has provided an upper bound on what is computable.  It raises the issue of how to impinge these new views on strict limitative and negative results of conventional formalism, such as the incompleteness, undecidability or randomness theorems and their implications on the notions of complexity and information. The project emphasises the impact of this paradigm shift on mathematical information theories and investigates the alleged relativisation of their outcomes.


Lothar Michael Putzmann
Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science
KHM Media Art School Cologne
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
D-50676 Cologne

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