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Summer School 2010

BMBF Collaborative Research Project "Embodied Information"

FU Freie Universitaet Berlin (Institue of Philosophy) and KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Media Science Department)

International Summer School 2010, KHM Cologne in cooperation with FU Berlin


2010 July, 18th – 23rd


Biological laboratories as sites of artistic and epistemic practice have enabled research that informs humanities, arts, and sciences. During the last decades various laboratory studies have established descriptive modes and methods of investigation. For instance, Hans-Joerg Rheinberger’s concept of ‘epistemic objects’, the notion of Bruno Latour on objects as agents and ‘science in action’ as well as Karin Knorr Cetina’s investigations on the reconfigurations of relations to the world within laboratories. Furthermore, artists have explored the hidden agendas and practices of biological laboratories in various projects, such as Hannes Rickli´s long term study “Überschuss. Videogramme des Experimentierens” or the work at SymbioticA-Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts.

The summer school brings together artists and researchers who work in the context of biological laboratories. Besides methodological and theoretical discussions we want to stimulate the exchange between research in arts and humanities. We would also like to mediate experience of laboratory work by practical exercises, e.g. in the KHM Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science (lab III). Therefore, the program includes project presentations by the participants, BioArt and laboratory workshops in addition to plenary and public lectures.


6pm Opening, Guided Tour Annual Exhibi-tion KHM, Welcome Party (sound by Nina Samuel)

9am-6pm Project Presentations (Panel I and II)

9-10am Video Lecture (Oron Catts)
10-12am Artistic Research Workshop (Peter Bexte, Nina Samuel)
2-6pm BioArt Workshop (Hannes Rickli)
7pm Public Talk “When Life Becomes Art: Molecular Biology and the Arts” (Ingeborg Reichle)

9-12am Project Presentations (Panel III)
2-8pm: LabExperience: Motion Kit (Lasse Scherffig, Georg Trogemann, labIII)

9-12am Project Presentations (Panel IV)
2-6pm STS Workshop (Adrian Mackenzie, Werner Kogge, Karin Harrasser, Kathrin Friedrich, Gabriele Gramelsberger)

9-12am Projects Revised (Participants)


Panel I: Anette Rose, Berlin; Caitlin Berrigan, Berlin; Aljoscha Potupin, Düsseldorf; Kuaishen Auson, Cologne.

Panel II: Joanna Hoffmann, Berlin/Poznan; Verena Friedrich, Cologne; Roman Kirschner, Brussels; Ludwig Zeller, London; Patrick Cunningham, Chicago.

Panel III: Hosana C. Oliveira, Cologne; Anna Dumitriu, Brighton; Meredith Walsh, London; Marie-Pier Boucher, Durham/Berlin; Lina Maria Stahl, Potsdam.

Panel IV: Ulrich Mecheler, Kiel; Kerstin Follenius, Berlin; Florina Codreanu, Cluj-Napoca; Anya Hsiao-Chu Tu, Shanghai; Caitlin Cockerton, London.


Prof. Dr. Peter Bexte, KHM Cologne (Art History)

Kathrin Friedrich, KHM Cologne (Media Studies and STS)

Dr. Gabriele Gramelsberger, KHM Cologne/FU Berlin (Philosophy of Science)

Dr. Karin Harrasser, KHM Cologne (Cultural Theory and Media Studies)

Dr. Werner Kogge, FU Berlin (Philosophy of Biology)

Prof. Chris Salter, Concordia University Montreal (STS)

Nina Samuel, FU Berlin (Art History)

Lasse Scherffig, KHM Cologne (Information and Cognitive Science)

Prof. Dr. Georg Trogemann, KHM Cologne (Experimental Computer Science)


Oron Catts, SymbioticA-Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts, Australia (Video Lecture)

Dr. Ingeborg Reichle, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science and Humanities (Interdisciplinary Research Group “The World as a Picture”)

Prof. Hannes Rickli, ZHdK Zuerich (Artist and Contemporary Arts Research)


Academy of Media Arts (KHM), Peter-Welter-Platz 2, D-50676 Cologne, Germany (Science Department)

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the context of the Collaborative Research Project “Embodied Information”.