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SHPSB special issue on Modelling and Simulation in the Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

News from Feb 09, 2011

Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics has released the special issue on Modelling and Simulation in the Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, edited by Matthias Heymann and Helge Kragh, both Aarhus University (SHPMP Volume 41, Issue 3 (2010), pages 193-292)


Content table

1 Editorial board and publication information 

2 Understanding and misunderstanding computer simulation: The case of atmospheric and climate science—An introduction by Matthias Heymann

3 Climates as commodities: Jean Pierre Purry and the modelling of the best climate on Earth by Vladimir Jankovic

4 The development of general circulation models of climate by Spencer Weart

5 Lumping, testing, tuning: The invention of an artificial chemistry in atmospheric transport modeling by Matthias Heymann

6 Conceiving processes in atmospheric models—General equations, subscale parameterizations, and ‘superparameterizations’ by Gabriele Gramelsberger

7 Connections between simulations and observation in climate computer modeling. Scientist’s practices and “bottom-up epistemology” lessons by Hélène Guillemot

8 Holism, entrenchment, and the future of climate model pluralism  by Johannes Lenhard and Eric Winsberg

9 Predicting weather and climate: Uncertainty, ensembles and probability by Wendy S. Parker

10 Cultures of simulations vs. cultures of calculations? The development of simulation practices in meteorology and astrophysics by Mikaela Sundberg

11 Putting the Earth System in a numerical box? The evolution from climate modeling toward global change by Amy Dahan


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