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Admission to doctoral study

You may submit your application for admission to doctoral study at any time. Applications are not bound to any specific deadlines.

After you have submitted all documents to the person in the examination office who is responsible for the subject of your doctoral studies, the applicable doctoral board will evaluate whether the conditions are met for your admission to doctoral study in their next meeting. If the conditions are considered to be met, your application will be approved. Admission to doctoral study may be tied to professional requirements. You will be notified of the doctoral board’s decision by post.

If you are not employed at Freie Universität Berlin, you must enroll as a student in your doctoral degree program through the Student Records and Registration Office within one month of receiving your confirmation of admission. During this process, you must also submit the admission letter you have received from the doctoral board to the Student Records and Registration Office. If you fail to apply for enrollment within this time, your admission to doctoral study will be revoked. Employees of Freie Universität Berlin are requested to enroll, but this is not a requirement.