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Preparing your dissertation for submission

You must submit at least one printed and bound sample copy of your dissertation. For more information about the number of printed copies you are required to provide, please see the list item “Submitting your dissertation.” All copies must include a title page containing the following information: your name, the name of your department, an indication that the dissertation is being submitted to Freie Universität Berlin, and the year of submission. All copies must also include a cover page with the names of the examiners. The appendices of each copy should include a short summary of the dissertation in German and English, as well as a declaration of authorship.

Additionally, they should include a list of any previous publications that are the result of your work on the doctoral studies project, as well as any previously published works.

You may also submit a copy of your CV.

If the written part of your doctoral studies project is based on cumulative work rather than a single dissertation, your submission should contain the same information as a monograph. Additionally, it should consist of a list of the titles of the individual works, as well as an introduction and text which brings these works together, interpreting, evaluating, and discussing the individual works in a comprehensive manner.