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Submitting your dissertation and proposing a doctoral committee

Candidates must submit one sample copy of their dissertation together with the form for the proposal of the doctoral committee. In addition to a printed copy, the dissertation must also be submitted in electronic form (sent via email as a PDF file). The members of the doctoral committee may request that you submit an additional printed copy of your dissertation.

The doctoral committee usually consists of five members:

  • both examiners
  • at least two additional professors
  • one member of academic staff employed by Freie Universität Berlin who holds a doctoral degree.
    • The chairperson and the deputy chairperson must be professors who are full members of the teaching faculty at Freie Universität Berlin, professors emeriti, or retired professors of Freie Universität Berlin.
    • At least one examiner must be a professor who is a full member of the Department of Philosophy and Humanities teaching faculty.
    • At least one examiner must be from a department relevant to the subject of the dissertation.
    • The committee should not contain more than one professor who has been released or retired from their position.

The doctoral board is not legally obligated to implement your proposal; however, your suggestions are usually taken into account when assembling the doctoral committee. The doctoral board opens the proceedings and officially appoints the members of the doctoral committee. The doctoral supervisor is usually the chairperson of the doctoral committee.