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Membership in the FSGS

Fundamental aspects of the FSGS membership are regulated by the Graduate School’s regulations.

Who is a member of the Graduate School?

  • Faculty responsible for the Graduate School’s application
  • Faculty conducting the doctoral studies program full-time as teachers and dissertation supervisors
  • Doctoral candidates admitted to the doctoral studies program for Literary Studies without any fixed term limitation

Who can become a member of the Graduate School?

  • Faculty members of Freie Universität Berlin or Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin who are qualified to give exams can be nominated by colleagues at any time via the school’s Executive Board.
  • Doctoral candidates who are not funded through the Graduate School as long as they fulfill the admission requirements according to §§ 3, 4 in the doctoral studies regulations.

What are the members’ rights and obligations?

  • General meeting: The general meeting takes place once a year and offers recommendations concerning Graduate School matters. The board develops suggestions based on the decisions taken during the general meeting.
  • Election of the board and the director: Every four years, members of the Graduate School elect a director as well as two to four board members from our full-time faculty. Each year, doctoral candidates select a voting member from the doctoral candidates to the board.
  • All members are entitled to submit requests to the board.

Other services for members

FSGS members (faculty, scholars, alumni or guests) are actively involved in the school and have access to the following FSGS opportunities:

Support for organizing events

FSGS members receive financial and administrative support to organize events that are sufficiently integrated in the FSGS. More information can be found under events.

Book and film orders through the Philological Library and the Campus Library at Freie Universität Berlin

FSGS Members can submit order suggestions for books and films that they need for research & teaching and that are not yet available in the holdings of Freie Universität here.

Scanning and delivery service for articles from the Philological Library at Freie Universität Berlin

We are pleased to offer FSGS members a scanning service in cooperation with the Philological Library through which you may order articles from any print magazine, edited volume, reference book entry, and the like that are available at the library. For copyright reasons, the delivered text may not exceed 10% of the publication itself.

Orders with clear bibliographical information (no abbreviations, please) can be made informally via email to this address: digi@philbib.fu-berlin.de. The scanned text, insofar as it is available at the Philological Library, is sent via email within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

For organizational purposes the library asks that orders are only to be made personally, that only one text per email is ordered, and that the text is not already available in electronic form through the Freie Universität Berlin. The library has a list of FSGS members and their email addresses.

Business cards for the Freie Universität Berlin

Business cards for Freie Universität Berlin have a set format in which we incorporate your information. We are happy to take care of ordering and paying for the business cards for our members. Please contact us via email at the FSGS office.

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