Membership of FSGS

Essential aspects of FSGS membership are laid down in the Regulations of Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School.

Who is a member of the Graduate School?

  • Researchers who have been involved in filing the Graduate School's application
  • Researchers who participate in executing the doctoral study program as full-time lecturers and who operate as supervisors for dissertations
  • Doctoral students who are registered for the doctoral study program Literaturwissenschaftliche Studien - Literary Studies without time limit

Who can become a member of the Graduate School?

  • Members of Freie Universität Berlin or Humboldt Universität zu Berlin being authorized examiners who are requested as supervisors by successful doctoral candidates in the applicant selection become associated with the Graduate School for the period of their supervision and may submit an informal application for membership to the School's board. Furthermore, the board may suggest colleagues for membership any time and invite them.
  • Doctoral canidates who are not funded by resources of the Graduate School, if they meet the entry requirements in accordance with §§ 3, 4 of the Regulations of Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School.

Which rights and duties apply to the members?

  • Meeting of members: It takes place once a year and can issue recommendations on all matters of the Graduate School. The board works out suggestions on the decisions of the meeting of members.
  • Election of the board and the director: Every two years, the members of the Graduate School elect the director as well as two to four board members from the pool of full-time researchers. The doctoral candidates elect a member for the board with voting power from their own ranks once a year. 
  • Every member is authorized to submit requests to the board.
  • Service for members
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