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Service for Members

Members of the Graduate School (professors, scholarship holders, alumni or guests) have access to the following offers:

Orders for Books and Films via the Philological Library at FU

Members of the Graduate School can make use of the Graduate School’s budget to order relevant books or films (which were not yet obtained by the library) for their research. The library has access to a list of authorized persons. Please send your request directly to Monika Schade.

When you order a film, please indicate that the film is intended to stay at the Sonderstandort “Friedrich Schlegel Schule”. The film will then be available directly at our film archive.

Scan and Delivery Service for essays available at the Philological Library

In cooperation with the Philological Library, we are happy to offer the members of our Graduate School a scan service through which they can obtain urgently needed essays from magazines, anthologies, compendiums or something similar. However, for copyright reasons, the text must not exceed 10% of the whole publication.

Orders with clear bibliographical indications (without abbreviations) can be placed via an e-mail to digi@philbib.fu-berlin.de. The scanned text will then be emailed to you within 24 hours on weekdays.

For organizational reasons, the library kindly requests you to place your order with your name and with no more than one text per e-mail. The library has access to a list of authorized persons. Please check beforehand if the requested text is accessible online through the library portal Primo.

Visiting cards of FU Berlin

There is a standard visiting card at FU Berlin which can be personalized with your information. We gladly place the orders for our members. If you are interested, please contact Kathleen Kriebitzsch with the details of your request.

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