Visiting researchers at FSGS

The Graduate School invites one to two visiting researchers for one to two months every semester. The visiting researchers are at the doctoral candidates' disposal as contact persons, give lectures in their current research areas or direct topical workshops.

Usually, the visiting researchers are coming from international universities and are awarded a research scholarship of Freie Universität Berlin. At FSGS, they may apply for funds for the execution of their events, get administrative support from the School's management and may use a workplace.

Applicable are the basic terms and conditions for guest invitations of Freie Universität Berlin. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Anja Hallacker.

Visiting researchers 2017

Prof. Dr. Caroline Welsh conducts research on Literature and Medicine, the intellectual history of Aesthetic Theory as well as Literature and Music. She advises the doctoral students of FSGS and teaches at the Institute of German and Dutch Languages and Literatures.

Prof. Dr. Chunjie Zhang teaches and researches at UC Davis. As a specialist in German studies, she focusses on Postcolonial studies, Cosmopolitanism, Transculturality, and Global Modernisms. She will be at the scholarshipholders' disposal for conversations in June.

Visiting researchers 2016/17

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ette studied and earned a doctorate at Freie Universität Berlin: Freiheit zum Ursprung. Eine Interpretation von Thomas Manns »Höllenfahrt«. In 2009, his habilitation followed at TU Chemnitz with Kritik der Tragödie. Über dramatische Entschleunigung. Prof. Ette teaches and researches at FSGS and Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature at FU Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Susan Squier teaches and conducts research at the English Department of Penn State University as Brill Professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. As Einstein Visiting Fellow in the project Pathographics, she is regularly staying at FSGS and advises the doctoral students.

Visiting researchers 2015

Prof. Dr. Sven Spieker from the University of California, Santa Barbara was a guest at FSGS in January and February. Prof. Spieker teaches and conducts research as a comparatist on German and Eastern-European literature with a focus on contemporary art. Together with artists, he offers a workshop series on "Didactic Arts".

Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Schaeffer from EHSS Paris was a guest at FSGS from mid-May to mid-July. Our member of the Advisory Board has been involved with the Graduate School and its doctoral candidates for many years. During his stay, he is going to give lectures, e.g. on Empiricism and Aesthetics, and is available for the doctoral candidates for discussion. Besides, an eight-hour workshop on the topic Aesthetics and Biology is planned.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Keppler-Tasaki teaches and conducts research at the University of Tokyo. His research focusses on the connection of literature, film and technique. As Einstein Visiting Fellow in the project Transpacifica, he is regularly staying at FSGS and at the scholarshipholders' disposal for conversations.

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