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Gigi Adair

Transnational Literature: New Narratives of the In-Between (English Literature)

Alumna FSGS

Transnational Literatures: Narrating kinship across the Black Atlantic

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
14195 Berlin

Gigi Adair was born in Perth, Australia in 1981. She completed a Bachelor of Liberal Studies (Honours) in Gender Studies at the University of Sydney in 2005. She was awarded Honours Class I and the University Medal for her Honours thesis, entitled Untying the Knots: Gay Marriage, Citizenship and the Australian Nation. In 2011 she completed an MA in English Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin with the Masters thesis Navigating the Transnational in 'Sea of Poppies'. She has been a doctoral student at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School for Literary Studies since October 2011.

Her current research interests include cultural theory, gender and sexuality studies, postcolonial studies, modernity, nationalism and community. Her PhD project, which carries the working title Transnational Literature: New Narratives of the In-Between, utilises the emergent field of transnational literature to examine recent trends in postcolonial literature, while also interrogating the theoretical and political effects of a transnational frame of analysis. The thesis offers a reinvigorated analysis of the poetics and aesthetics of postcolonial literature and considers questions including the depiction (and disruption) of historical narrative, the representation of forms of community, the relationship of transnational literature to world literature, the negotiation of space and translation in postcolonial context and the gendering of transnationalism.

Department of Philosophy and Humanities
Dahlem Research School
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