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The excellent infrastructure of Freie Universität Berlin is at the scholarshipholders' disposal. They are part of an international and interdisciplinary network of research and, using the multitude of structured support offerings, are given the opportunity to create their own individual program for realizing their project.

International Partners


Scholarshipholders of the Graduate School have a travelling expenses budget at their disposal which may be used in accordance with the supervision team for stays abroad and conference travellings. If you are doing a doctorate at one of our partner universities we reimburse enrollment and semester fees.

Public Events

2016 Plakat Mittagsforum Ausschnitt

Together with our PostDocs, PIs und international guests the doctoral candidates organize up to 20 public events per year: They design the programme, invite the guest speakers, present and moderate the discussion. Application for funding needs to be addressed to the board. Administrative support is provided by the management.


Komparatistik Weltliteraturen

Selected dissertations and conference proceedings are published in our publication series World Literature. Beyond that, the broad productivity of our young scientists is visible in various contexts: scientific monographies and articles, blog postings as well as published poems and translations.

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