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Study Abroad at the University of Oxford

Meadow Building, Oxford University

Meadow Building, Oxford University
Image Credit: marlon rondal auf Pixabay

FSGS has an exchange agreement with the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford.

Would you like to spend time abroad at the University of Oxford in the coming year? Then:
  • Inform the office by January 31st
  • Compile application documents that include the following and send the application to the office by email (one PDF file):
    • Letter of motivation (English)

    • Outline of your PhD project (German or English)

  • Ask your first supervisor for a short vote on your stay abroad via email to the office
  • Check with your insurance company whether you are insured during your stay in the UK

February/March: FSGS will inform you about your nomination.

March/April: The partner university contacts applicants. You will be asked to fill in the “online application form for incoming Study Exchange students”. The following documents must be uploaded for this purpose (English):

  • a statement explaining why you want to study in Oxford, how the exchange would enrich your research at FU, and what you hope to achieve through your stay in Oxford. You are welcome to use the letter of motivation already submitted for this purpose
  • letter of recommendation
  • preliminary transcript
  • proof of language proficiency. The exchange agreement requires proof of English language proficiency at level B2.

If you are interested in staying at the University of Oxford, please contact the office. We are happy to provide you with experience reports from our internal collection.


Upon your return, please submit a report to the office. It can be as simple as a collection of bullet points that may be helpful to your successors. These notes will be collected and shared internally only.

Oxford’s tentative academic calendar for the year 2024/25:





2024-25 Michaelmas 2024 Sunday 13 October Saturday 7 December
  Hilary 2025 Sunday 19 January Saturday 15 March
  Trinity 2025 Sunday 27 April Saturday 21 June
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