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Information about studying abroad through Erasmus

Are you planning to study abroad through Erasmus in the coming summer semester or the following winter semester?

Please inform the Graduate School’s managing director in November/December and submit your application by January 15. Standardized application deadline at the Freie Universität Berlin: January 31 (online application)


  • regular enrollment in the doctoral studies program at FSGS
  • planned international visit at one of the Erasmus partner universities of a minimum of 3 / maximum of 12 months

Application documents

Application documents to be submitted to the executive office of the FSGS by January 15 as PDF-file:

  • exposé of the dissertation project with present progress status
  • time schedule for the visit abroad with information regarding work goals
  • list of events to be participated in and to be recognized for our curriculum (if intended)
  • CV
  • proof of language proficiency according to the partner university’s requirements
  • enrollment certificate

Please initiate your supervisors’ votes regarding the planned visit abroadby mid-January: short email to the managing director with approval/denial.

Online application at the end of January: release of centrally submitted applications as well as the deadline can be found on the website of the central Erasmus team.

Selection process and criteria

  • positive votes by the supervisors
  • agreement by the academic partners (obtained by the office)
  • sufficient contingent of positions

Learning agreement and recognition

During the months leading up to your visit abroad please visit our website for information or contact your academic partners directly about participating in events (colloquia, seminars, workshops) during your visit.

Print out the learning agreement and enter your planned activities. Please also mention the main reason for your visit: research for / work on the dissertation by using the particular resources (materials, events, counseling) available at the partner university.

Show up with the learning agreement for any advice from our office: what can be credited to the curriculum? What are the consequences of statements made in the learning agreement on the Erasmus grant? What to do if some of the statements no longer apply once you are abroad?

If the learning agreement is completed, our office will sign and stamp the learning agreement.

As soon as possible, send the agreement to the partner university to sign (email with PDF). Please copy our office in your email. Additionally, please ask the partner university to also send the signed learning agreement directly to the central Erasmus team at Freie Universität Berlin: ausland.erasmus@fu-berlin.de and/or mail it to Freie Universität Berlin, Erasmus Team Outgoing, Iltisstraße 4, 14195 Berlin.

IMPORTANT: the learning agreement with all signatures must be made available to both the partner university as well as the central Erasmus team at Freie Universität Berlin before you travel.

If you wish to change your learning agreement during your visit abroad, you need to do so within the first four weeks at the partner university: section to be completed DURING THE MOBILITY (page 4 on the form).

Before your return to Berlin, you will need to discuss the final part of the learning agreement with the partner university: section to be completed AFTER THE MOBILITY (page 5 on the form). The partner university needs to sign part E (transcript of records at the receiving institution). Please also find out who will give you the letter of confirmation

After your return to Berlin, please take the learning agreement to our office. We will then discuss what can be credited to our curriculum, and you will receive a signature for part F (recognition and transcript of records of Freie Universität Berlin). The learning agreement is then sent to the central Erasmus team. This needs to be taken care of within the first four weeks after your return.

Information and forms for the learning agreements can be found on the central Erasmus team’s website.


After your return, you will submit your report [German] online to the central Erasmus team. The FSGS’s office appreciates any notes and hints that your successors should consider. These notes are collected and only passed on internally.

Total time frame

November/December → get in touch with the managing director

January → initiate your supervisors’ vote and send your application to the FSGS office by January 15

January → submit your application through the Freie Universität Belin’s central online portal by January 31

February/March → response from the FSGS office about the selection result and request to accept or decline the position in written form

March → nomination of successful candidates at the partner university (through the office)

March → official list of candidates to the central Erasmus team (through the office by March 31)

March/April → partner university contacts applicant and requests online application (Cambridge by April 30, Oxford by May 1)

July → information event by the central Erasmus team at Henry-Ford-Bau

starting July → confirmation regarding the payment and amount of the Erasmus+ scholarship is issued by the central Erasmus Team Outgoings as soon as the learning agreement with all signatures is received. General information can be found at the central page of the Erasmus team (scroll down to the bottom). Please inform the office about the amount of the scholarship.

August through November → invitation to participate in online language tests by the central Erasmus team

starting September → mailing of the grant agreements through the central Erasmus team at Freie Universität Berlin (learning agreements have to be received by the office!)

IMPORTANT: in the case of your withdrawal from the process, please notify the office as well as the central Erasmus team immediately.

Contact at FSGS: Managing Director
Contact for the central Erasmus team: Stefanie Erthner
Department of Philosophy and Humanities
Dahlem Research School
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