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Numbers and statistics: Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School

  • average dissertation duration: 3.7 years(beginning of scholarship – handing in the finished dissertation)

  • average age at the beginning of doctoral studies: 29

  • 71 % finished their dissertation within three years

  • 41 % of the doctoral candidates are men, 59 % women

  • 34 % are international doctoral candidates

  • 17 % of doctoral candidates have parental responsibilities

  • 65 % of doctoral candidates are German citizens, 34 % are international doctoral candidates(visiting doctoral candidates excluded)

  • 8 visiting doctoral candidates per semester(external funding)

  • 43% of visiting doctoral candidates are from the UK, 26% from the U.S., 16% from Europe, 15% from Asia

  • 10 associated postdocs per semester (external funding) help enrich life at the Graduate School

  • 40% of the associated postdocs are from the U.S, 16% from Germany, 15% from the UK, 15% from the Middle East, 9% from Europe, 5% from Asia

  • 2 visiting professors per semesterwith an average visit of two months discuss the doctoral candidates’ projects

  • 52% of visiting professors are from universities in the U.S., 15% from Europe, 12% from the UK, 12% from Asia, 9% from Germany

  • 60% of doctoral candidates spend one semester abroad

  • 42% of doctoral candidates spend two weeks on a research visitin lieu of a semester abroad or an additional two weeks, mostly abroad (84%)

  • on average, each Ph.D. student participates in two conferences or summer schools, and gives one talk

  • the Graduate School’s doctoral candidates and postdocs organize around 25 events per yearon average (guest lectures, workshops, conferences) with recognition of the curriculum

  • 55% of graduates get research assistant positionsat German universities following their dissertation

  • 16% of graduates work outside of academia (teaching in schools, journalism, consulting, etc.)

  • 13% of graduates work in science management

  • 4 externally funded research projects are working /worked under the roof of the Graduate School

  • 1.6 million EUR third-party funding of the Graduate School (on top of self-financing)

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