Ph.D. positions at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School

Ph.D. students with their own funding (scholarship from foundations or a position as a research assistant) can apply for positions at the Graduate School. The positions are for the duration of three to four years, include a travel budget of EUR 3000, and facilitate financing requests to the board to fund own events. Further, our scholars are members of our Graduate School’s extraordinary network, take part in our colloquia and events, and keep regular contact with their advisors who are all part of the circle of Principal Investigators (PIs) at the FSGS.

Applicants for a Ph.D. position in the structured doctoral studies program “Literary Studies“ should have secured funding for the duration of their dissertation (external funding / research assistant position) or be prepared to secure such funding. The following requirements apply:

  • a master’s degree in literary studies at an institution of higher education;
  • having secured funding for the duration of the dissertation (external funding / position as research assistant) or be prepared to secure such funding;
  • good knowledge of German and English;
  • an exposé that demonstrates the dissertation project to be innovative, independent and theoretically valid;
  • having a suitable first supervisor from the ranks of our PI list;
  • have chosen a structured doctoral studies program deliberately and reasonably.
The doctoral studies begin October 01, 2019.
Deadline for applications is December 16, 2018 at 08:00 PM CET.
The platform to apply will be enabled on November 05, 2018.

Necessary documents to apply for a Ph.D. position:

Applications must be submitted electronically. An application submitted outside of the application periods will not be considered.

Online application platform opens November 05, 2018. Please have the following documents available as PDFs:

  • an exposé showing that the dissertation is an innovative, independent and theoretically valid research project (ca. ten pages in German or English);
  • a work schedule and time schedule for three years;
  • a work sample (no longer than 15-20 pages);
  • a CV (no photo or information on the applicant’s age required);
  • a personal statement that describes why you are applying at the FSGS and what you want to contribute to the success of the school (in German or English, 2-3 pages);
  • copies of certificates: university entrance qualification; university degrees;
  • language certificates for German (C1 / DSH 2 / ZOP / TestDaF 4 / DSD II) and English (B2 / IELTS 5.0 / TOEFL 500-170-80 / Cambridge Examination CEA / 7 years of English in German schools) unless these languages are your native languages.
  • letter of recommendation by the first supervisor that supports the application at FSGS.
  • proof of external funding (e.g. research assistant position, funding through a foundation) or proof of a submitted application to external sponsors (e.g. confirmation of having received the application)

Incomplete applications may not be submitted. All entries to the online portal will be saved automatically and can be edited after login until the application is ready to be submitted.

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