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Unabhängigkeit und Revolution: Zwei Episoden in der Geschichte der Weltliteratur.

Poster: Unabhängigkeit und Revolution, Prof. Dr. Martin Puchner (Harvard University)

Poster: Unabhängigkeit und Revolution, Prof. Dr. Martin Puchner (Harvard University)

Lecture by Prof Martin Puchner (Harvard University)

Time: Monday, 02.07.2018, 6:15 p.m.
Place: Freie Universität Berlin, Seminarzentrum Raum L116 (Erdgeschoss), Otto-von-Simon-Str. 26 (Silberlaube), 14195 Berlin (Dahlem)

Martin Puchner is the Byron and Anita Wien Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Harvard University, the founding Director of the Mellon School of Theater and Performance Research and the founding chair of an experimental Harvard program in Theater, Dance & Media. The avant-gardes, their interactions and mutual influences, as well as the manifesto as the genre of the European and non-European "isms" par excellence is the focus of Puchner’s Poetry of the Revolution: Marx, Manifestos, and the Avant-Gardes (Princeton, 2006), which won the MLA's James Russell Lowell Award. Puchner is also the author of Stage Fright: Modernism, Anti-Theatricality, and Drama (Hopkins, 2002), The Drama of Ideas: Platonic Provocations in Theater and Philosophy (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010) and The Written World: How Literature Shaped Civilization (Random House, 2017).

Prior registration is not necessary. Please note that the lecture will be held in German. It is part of the masterclass “The ‘isms’ of the 20th century Avant-Gardes” (July 2-4, 2018).

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