Annual Conferences by Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School

Schlegel Studientage 2014
Schlegel Studientage 2014
Image Credit: Frederic Schweizer

The annual conferences organized by Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School are public events.

The organizing process of the Annual Conferences is always different. At times the assistant professors prove to be especially committed, at times the scholarship holders of the graduate school are predominantly involved.

Through the Annual Conferences the FSGS opens up to a larger academic community. Different ways of presentation are tested, various topics juxtaposed and differing interests combined under one thematic roof. Just enjoy the surprise and do us the honor of attending.

It has been proven best to connect the sessions of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Welcome of the new scholarship holders to the Annual Conference.

The languages spoken during the conferences are German and English.

2017: Fabrics of Time (29. - 30.09.2017)

2016: téchnē. Techniken und Technologien des Literarischen (11. - 12.11.2016)

2015: Gastfeindschaft? Aporien des Umgangs mit dem Anderen in Literatur und Literaturwissenschaft (09.-11.11.2015)

2014: Schlegel Studientage (08.-11.10.2014)

2012Brücken und Brüche (24.–26.05.2012)

2011: Fiktion im Vergleich der Künste und Medien (13.-15.10.2011)

2010: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Philologie (01.-03.07.2010)

2009: Das Unwahrscheinliche (18.-19.12.2009)

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