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Annual Conferences by Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School

Schlegel Studientage 2014

Schlegel Studientage 2014
Image Credit: Frederic Schweizer

The FSGS annual conferences are open to the public, and anyone interested is more than welcome.

The organization format of the annual conferences changes. Sometimes, the FSGS junior professors are particularly involved, sometimes it’s the doctoral students and postdocs.

With these annual conferences, Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School opens itself up to a broader academic public. Let us surprise you and be our guest.

It has proven successful to follow the annual conference with the annual meeting of the International Advisory Board in Berlin and the official welcome of the new class. Between the Advisory Board’s sessions with the doctoral students and the board, there’s a lunch for all FSGS members together with the International Advisory Board.

The languages spoken during the conferences are German and English.
Click here to view the list of annual conferences at the FSGS.


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