Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. Sarah Dornhof

“Transnationalism and Postcoloniality in Contemporary Art and Cultural Politics in Morocco”

Email: sarah.dornhof[at]

Dr. Frauke Surmann

Staging the Political. Theatrical Manifestations of Collectivity between Art, Politics and Urbanism.

Email: frauke.surmann[at]

Associated Postdocs (with start-up funding)

Dr. Lily Kelting

Agrarian Pasts, Utopian Futures: Food, Nostalgia, and the Power of Dreaming in Old Comedy and the New Southern Food Movement

Email: lily.kelting[at]

Sharmistha Saha

Reforming India, Re-forming Theatre: Coagulating Communities and Cultural Practice in Colonial India

Email: sharmistha.jnu[at]