Daniel Zimmermann

Mehr als Nebel. Systematisierungsmöglichkeiten narrativer Transgressionsmechanismen und Poetik der Transgression im erzählerischen Werk Miguel de Unamunos und Eyvind Johnsons

[More than Mist: A Systematization of Narrative Transgressions [metalepses] and Poetics of Transgression in Miguel de Unamuno and Eyvind Johnson]

Daniel Zimmermann

Freie Universität Berlin

Friedrich Schlegel-Graduiertenschule

Doctoral candidate as of winter semester 2016

Address Habelschwerdter Allee 45
14195 Berlin

I am a first-year PhD student in Romance Literatures at Freie Universität Berlin. My doctoral thesis explores new ways of systematizing the transgression of narrative boundaries (in Genette’s words: metalepsis) in recent narrative theory, and the philosophical implications of this phenomenon in novels by the Spanish author, Miguel de Unamuno, and the Swedish writer, Eyvind Johnson.

As regards Romance literature, my main interest is in Spanish and French modernism. I graduated with a BA in French and Spanish from Freie Universität in 2013. My final thesis looked at Lautréamont and the poetics of Surrealism. During my MA in Romance Literatures (2013–2015), I focussed on narrative theory and worked extensively on Free Indirect Discourse, completing an MA thesis examining its usage and function in the novels of Jean Echenoz and exploring their relationship to the Nouveau Roman. 

In Scandinavian literature, my focus is on the Middle Ages: I gained a BA at Humboldt-Universität, majoring in Scandinavian Studies (Swedish, Old Norse), with a history minor (2012–2015). During the academic year 2015/16, I completed an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge. My final thesis analysed the relationship between Iberian and Norse versions of the Roland legend.

My undergraduate and postgraduate work in Germany and the UK was supported by a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation. My MPhil degree at Cambridge was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Cambridge Trust. 

Conference presentations:

March 2017

UC Berkeley Graduate Student Symposium, Encounters and Reimaginings: Medieval Scandinavia and the World:

Historical encounters, literary reimaginings: the Ibero-Norse Roland and Blómstrvalla saga

October 2016

Symposium of the international network project, Charlemagne: A European Icon (University of Bristol/The Leverhulme Trust):

Hákon’s Cultural Programme: Af Rúnzivals bardaga as the Exception to the Rule?

February 2016
Dialogue and Difference in the Middle Ages, 22nd Graduate Conference, Bristol Centre for Medieval Studies:
Poor Translations, Rich Resources. Reconsidering Af Rúnzivals bardaga