Oksana Stoychuk

Berlin as a transcultural space in German-speaking novels by immigrants after 1989

(Modern German Literature)

Oxana Stoychuk

Doctoral Candidate

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14195 Berlin
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Oksana Stoychuk, born 1986 in Lviv (Ukraine); 2003-2008 studied German Philology at the University of Lviv. Her Masters dissertation was entitled „Representation of space in the novel of Herbert Rosendorfer “Letters back to ancient China ”. 2007/08 DAAD-Scholarship at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. 2010/11 Pre-Doc-Scholarship at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies. Since October 2011 Oksana Stoychuk has been a doctoral candidate at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 various texts of German-speaking migrant authors have been published that are set in Berlin and address Berlin as a living space. Regarding the long-lasting tradition of Berlin-related literature, these novels mark new aspects of the city’s topography and of the way the city is presented. 

The aim of the dissertation is to show the contribution of migrant authors to Berlin-related literature in contrast to authors of German origin. The project’s initial hypothesis states that selected texts by migrant authors shape Berlin as a transcultural space by addressing the search for possibilities of surpassing cultural boundaries in different ways. The aim of the project is to answer the question how Berlin is presented as a city of cultural variety in literature by migrant authors and furthermore how surpassing geographic, cultural and linguistic boundaries changes the city’s topography in the texts.

Interdisciplinary scientific approaches regarding “transculturalism” will support the research how the selected texts of migrant authors describe the different interaction processes between members of different cultures and at the same time offer the possibility of a new perspective on culture, cultural identity, outside perception and transcultural society based on Berlin’s cityscape.

Furthermore problems of the current concept “migration literature” are to be exposed and an attempt will be made to contribute to the theory of inter- and transculturalism with the concrete example of Berlin-related literature.