Philipp Röeßler

Alumnus (2009-2012)

Alumnus FSGS

Email philipp.roessler@fu-berlin.de

Philipp Roessler was born in 1981 in Leipzig. He holds a Magister Artium degree (M.A.) in English language and literature and in German history from the University of Leipzig. His thesis explores issues of historicity in James Joyce's Ulysses. A year abroad at the University of Miami and a research scholarship provided by the Zurich James Joyce Foundation contributed significantly to this research focus. After his studies, he held tutorials for the Institute of British Studies at the University of Leipzig, worked as a translator, and completed a public relations internship at the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication Systems. From 2009 to 2012 Philipp Roessler has pursued his Ph.D. studies at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies, writing his dissertation Artificers of the Word – Glossopoeia in Finnegans Wake.

My doctoral thesis studies James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, informed by the perspective of cognitive theory, in relation to the topics of memory, performance and the relation of myth and history in Ulysses and in Finnegans Wake.