Application FSGS

Scholarships of Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School

Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School (FSGS) has been funded by the Excellence Initiative (DFG) since 2007. Admission to the structured doctorate program is connected with 3- to 4-year full scholarships. Every year, approximately 10 doctorate scholarships and admissions are granted.

Besides, FSGS grants up to two postdoc scholarships every year. These run for two years. There are no teaching obligations, however an important eligibility criterion is the candidate’s motivation to participate actively in the school’s everyday life and to work closely with the doctoral candidates.

International doctoral candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Doctorate candidates with upbringing duties have the opportunity to take up 12 additional scholarship months, be it as prolongation of their scholarship, be it as a refund of day care. A combination of both models is possible as well.

Advertisement and Procedure

Advertisements are issued once a year on our website, in DIE ZEIT, on academics.de and further European online services. The advertisement is announced in October. Application deadline is 31st December. The online application platform is activated. Please note that the application platform and form are available in German only.

Following the review of the applications in January you will get notified in case your application cannot be considered on formal grounds.

Every formally accepted application enters an internal assessment procedure in January. In March, the admission committee chooses approximately 30 applicants based on the internal votes who are invited for the selection interviews in April (presumably 21st/22nd April 2016). In case you have not been chosen, you will be notified promptly.

The selection interviews take place in April. Every applicant gets the opportunity to present his or her project orally in 5 - 10 minutes. A discussion of about 10 - 15 minutes follows. The supervisors mentioned in your applications are invited to this interview. You do not need to bring your application documents with you.

In any case, you will be notified promptly after the selection interviews. If you are offered a scholarship and accept it, it starts on 1st October.

An application does not lead to a legal claim. Reasons for denial will not be given.