Find some instructions below to make sure your application will be a success:

  • First, please register in the online portal of Dahlem Research School. You have to choose your future affiliation: FU Berlin. After successful registration, a small flag appears on the left upper side. By clicking on it you open your application for FSGS. You may call this application up again anytime. All of the entries made are saved automatically.

  • Please begin by filling in the section regarding your personal information. It is part of the applicant file and not identical with the registration. Only if this page is filled in completely, the subsequent pages may be edited. 

  • Your assessors will get instructions for the expertise's upload by email as soon as you have filled in and saved the relevant page. If assessors should have issues with this procedure, the signed expertises may be sent to us by mail or as pdf.

  • As a doctoral candidate, please choose the supervisor from the Faculty. This is not a final choice. You do not need to get in touch with the professors in advance in order to make sure that they would be willing to supervise your work; it might be helpful, though.

  • The supervision teams of the structured doctorate program may consist of up to three members. Apart from the first supervisor, you may get professors who are authorized examiners from outside FSGS into the team as well. However, these should work at a university in Berlin or Brandenburg to guarantee a joint supervision (participation in doctorate colloquia of the candidate, annual team meetings).

  • As a PostDoc, please choose a mentor from the Faculty to facilitate your later integration into the Graduate School.

  • Please do not send your full master’s thesis as a work sample. An excerpt of your thesis or another publication will suffice.

  • If your university degree(s) was/were obtained at a university/universities outside Germany, we will check via ANABIN if your university is accredited in Germany.

  • If you do not have all the documents to certify your MA/PhD degree at the time of the deadline, you are allowed to hand in those until August 1st. In this case, please send all other relevant documents (transcripts of records, statements of professors, etc.) you can provide at this point.

  • Language certificates may also be provided later; please refer to the outstanding certificates in your application and provide a date when these can be submitted. However, sufficient basic knowledge needs to be existent at the time of application.