Research Projects

Projects of the Graduate School

The Graduate School supports applications of its members and selected PostDocs. The associated projects are administrated by the School's management (personnel matters, finance administration, IT support, integration into FU Berlin).

The Graduate School offers the projects' staff a workplace, technical equipment and access to the school's infrastructure free of charge. The projects' doctoral candidates, PostDocs and professors get integrated into the activites of FSGS, thereby benefitting from the vivid research environment and shaping it actively.

2016: Einstein Visiting Fellow Susan Merrill Squier: Patho_Graphics

2015: Aristotelische Verhandlungen - Research Project funded by DFG [German only]

2015: Einstein Visiting Fellow Stefan Keppler-Tasaki: Transpacifica [German only]

2010 - 2014: Einstein Visiting Fellow Thomas Y. Levin: A Media Archaeology of Voice Mail  [partly German/English]

Members of the Graduate School or PostDocs, who apply for a project and intend to associate, can file an application to the Graduate School's board to associate current projects or to apply for new projects together with the Graduate School.

Please get in contact with Dr. Anja Hallacker if you are interested.