Lunch Forum

Vorträge Mittagsforum
Presentations Noon Forum
Image Credit: Marcus Reichmann
Treffpunkt Mittagsforum
Meeting point Noon Forum
Image Credit: Marcus Reichmann

The Lunch Forum is a format that gives new members of FSGS, associated PostDocs and projects as well as guests and assigned professors the opportunity to introduce themselves with their research projects and interests to the school's members.

On Tuesdays from 12 - 2 p.m., soup & sandwiches, cold beverages and coffee are served in the foyer of FSGS (JK 33), spiced with short presentations and inspiring talks.

Winter semester 2016/17

Place: JK 33/121
Time: on Tuesdays 12 – 2 p.m.



Dr. Kai Wiegandt, PostDoc of FSGS (English Studies), introduces himself and his research interests

Prof. Dr. Susanne Zepp, PI of FSGS (Romance Studies), introduces her research interests

The PathoGraphics team (Prof. Dr. Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff, Nina Schmidt, Stef Lenk, Alexandra Hummel), an Einstein project associated with FSGS, introduces itself and its work

Carla Freise, Philological Library, delivers insights into "Digital offerings of Philological Library", presents different data bases and explains options of the new library portal "Primo" 

Svetlana Efimova, PostDoc of FSGS (Slavic Studies), introduces herself and her research interests

St Nicholas' Day celebration

Prof. Dr. Beatrice Gründler, PI of FSGS (Arabic Studies), introduces herself and her research foci 

Prof. Dr. Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis, PI of FSGS (Byzantine Studies), introduces himself and his current research

PD Dr. Mona Körte, guest professor of FSGS (General and Comparative Literature), introduces herself and her research foci

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